Our Story

Our mission, a simple one. To produce great tasting coffee and improve the lives of those who make this possible.

Something like a love story

We love coffee, and we love it more when it is ethically sourced.

We are passionate about our world, it is a wonderful place to live! And we strongly believe that any business should try and do their best to ensure the carbon footprint is minimal. Here at Insurgence we do our best to preserve our environment.

Our roasters uses 80% less gas compared to traditional roasters... now that is amazing!

We also:

  • buy renewable energy
  • recycle all that we possibly can
  • run a 99% paperless office (the 1% is recycled paper)
  • use only biodegradable filling for packaging
  • encourage our suppliers to cut out plastic as much as possible
  • use paper tape instead of plastic tape
  • work with DPD who are a carbon neutral company

For The Future Of Coffee

We PROUDLY support the World Coffee Research. We think that they are doing a fantastic job working for the sustainability of coffee. We donate a percentage of every single bean that you order from us to the World Coffee Research. The World Coffee Research is a team of very experienced and dedicated people looking to make the world a better place for the coffee tree and coffee farmers

New Arrivals

Revolution Blend

A big full bodied espresso with a naturally sweet caramel flavour. Our Revolution signature blend is balanced with a muted acidity.

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Overthrow Blend

Rich body and is roasted so it is close to the 'roasty' flavour without being burnt. If you like strong coffee then you will probably really like this.

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