Choosing The Right Coffee

Everyone has unique tastes, and each coffee particular characteristics.

What coffee is best for you

When it comes to choosing the right coffee for you, roasting is probably the most important aspect when it comes to flavour. At the most basic level, think of roasting as a coffee's 'strength'.

LIGHT ROAST - Highlights the natural characteristics of your coffee. Expect high acidity and to experience some of the most unique flavours found in coffee. Best brewed as a filter.
MEDIUM ROAST - Balance of acidity and body. You’ll be able to taste the original flavour of the coffee which will be complemented with the fuller body introduced by the roast. Try as either espresso or filter.
DARK ROAST - Known for their bold, rich chocolatey notes. Most of the flavours you experience with a dark roast come from the roast. Best brewed as an espresso.

When you place your order, we fire up our roasters to ensure you receive the freshest coffee possible - all of our coffees are sourced direct from smallholder farmers and delivered fresh to your door. Below are the five qualities that we rate all our coffees on - helping you to choose the best coffee for your individual tastes.

Flavours Two or three words that we think describe the flavour quite well.
Roast Roast level influences the flavour and body of coffee, and darker roasts are fuller bodied, with bold, rich chocolatey notes.
Body The mouthfeel and 'weight' of the coffee. Scored from 0 - 5.
Sweetness The amount of sweetness - this does not always refer to a sugary sweetness.
Acidity The brightness of the coffee - can be a sourness or sharpness as well.

taste notes

Did you know there are in fact hundreds of tastes and aromas present in coffee naturally? To help, we have sifted through them and created four distinct flavour groups to help characterisation.

Take note - Most coffees have wide ranging notes, which can change with the temperature of the coffee, brew method and added milk or sugar.

CHOCOLATE AND CARAMEL - Brought out by the roasting process – caramelisation happens towards the end of the roast. In general, the darker the roast, the more dominant chocolate and caramel flavours are.

FRUIT - Many coffees have fruity notes, which is not surprising considering that coffee beans are seeds of a fruit – coffee cherries. Naturally processed coffees are often fruity, as the method enables more of the sugars from coffee fruit to be absorbed in the beans.

NUTS AND SPICE - The aroma of sweet spices such as cloves, cinnamon and allspice. Flavour of toasted almonds and macadamia. Often typical of Brazil coffees and Bourbon variety.

CITRUS AND FLORAL - Zesty citrus flavours and the scent of flowers including honeysuckle, jasmin, dandelion and nettles. Often prominent in washed coffees, the traditional processing method in Ethiopia.

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