Choosing Your Brewing Method

The first decision is what kind of coffee you want to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Choose your brewing method

Your first decision is what kind of coffee you want to enjoy at home. This can make quite a difference to how much you will need to invest (that fancy espresso machine in your local cafe didn't come cheap).

You can make great coffee in many ways, from cafetiere to pour over to espresso.

Here’s a quick overview of the results and what equipment you'll need to get you started:

You want 1-2 cups at a time, you’re not in a hurry and you don’t want to invest huge amounts in equipment - You might want to consider making filter coffee; you can make a delicious cup with a simple cafetiere or a pour over.

You want a larger amount of coffee at a time and enjoy the coffee making ritual - Consider a Chemex for making beautifully clear filter coffee. The Chemex makes a statement on any kitchen side.

You enjoy filter coffee but you're poor on time - Invest in a good quality filter machine.

You want to make a quick, single cup of coffee with easy, portable equipment (in the office, on travels, etc) - Look into an Aeropress. It's specifically designed for those on-the-go.

You like espresso style drinks (espresso, latte, flat white, etc) - Consider a good quality bean-to-cup or espresso machine, ideally one with a built in steam wand for Cappuccinos. We recommend machines without grinders, as this allows you to grind fresh coffee beans as and when you need them.

Feeling motivated?

Great! Over the next few pages, we give you all the top tips you need for preparing, storing and brewing coffee as great as any good coffeehouse.

What's Next?

The Right Coffee For You

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Choosing Your Equipment

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