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I Have A Question About Delivery

Please also note that most couriers, including Royal Mail, are currently experiencing delays to their normal services. If your order is 2kg or less it will be sent using Royal Mail Tracked Services, if over 2kg via DPD courier service. If you have not received your order please contact us.

If your order is 2 bags or less it is sent in letterbox friendly packaging and should be posted through your front door. N.B. Not all letterboxes are created equal and we have found in some cases our box will not fit through small letterboxes or those with a cage on the inside of the door. For all other deliveries, you will have been told or given the choice of either Royal Mail Tracked or DPD next day for delivery.

Please contact us with your order number and we will happily arrange a re-delivery for you. In line with our store policies, we cannot refund orders that remain undelivered. You can read more here.
Take a look at our Deliver Info page for the latest information and options on delivery.
Currently we are only shipping to the United Kingdom due to difficulties in supply chain post-brexit. Customs checks on coffee is taking longer than usual and so the coffee loses its freshness. A difficult decision for us, but we want to ensure the freshest coffee possible reaches each and every one of our customers.
You can select delivery preferences during checkout.

I Have A Question Regarding My Account

We do not have access to view or change your password. Please click the forgot password link on the account login page to reset this.
Due to how quickly parcels are arriving we typically do not provide a tracking number for each order, although each order is tracked. This is due to the time taken to receive tracking IDs from the couriers and uploading to each customer order. If you are experiencing issues with your delivery, please contact us via your account.
Please contact us to confirm your email address and we will happily re-supply the confirmation email for you.
Once an order has been paid for and processed, we are unable to change it. However, if you contact our Customer Service team as soon as possible then, provided your order has not been fulfilled, we'll be happy to cancel/refund you.
Currently we do not offer a subscription service, but, this is something we are currently working on.
Yes. Insurgence Coffee Co. is committed to protecting your privacy and promises not to share any information we collect with any third party. Our website uses https, a more secure protocol, meaning your data and most importantly your payment is encrypted and therefore better protected. Look for the padlock sign on your browser. We use Stripe Payments, Google Pay and Apple Pay for our card payment handling, some of the largest and most trusted payment handling companies in the world.

I Have A Question About Your Coffee

Fresh air is coffee's greatest enemy. Oxygen and moisture within the air are quickly absorbed by the roasted beans, at the expense of their inherently delicious flavours. When a bag is opened, in general, wholebean coffee begins to lose its flavour when left out after one week, while ground coffee can do so within an hour of opening. If you are using wholebean coffees, store them in their bags at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. Never store your coffee in the fridge – not even in an air-tight container. Fresh roasted coffee is incredibly hygroscopic, and will quickly absorb odours in the air. A fridge normally contains strong aromas, which will then be transferred to your cup. The best way to store coffee is in the freezer. This is because the inert environment will help to lock in the fine flavours over a much longer period of time. This method of storage is especially recommended if you are a low volume user of fresh, ground coffee. When taking coffee out for brewing after freezing it, always ensure that you take out only as little as is needed, and return the rest of the pack back to the freezer, immediately. This is because if kept out for long periods of time, condensation will form on the grounds, and thus destroy the flavours – particularly if this water is then re-frozen. Coffee does not like frequent extreme changes of temperature.
Coffee freshness is important because coffee loses its qualities over time at the contact of oxygen and humidity, which is why we recommend you to store your coffee in a tight and sealed container once it is open. Because of the minuscule particle size pre-ground coffee is much more exposed to this staling process and will start losing its quality and taste within a few days. We flush the bags with nitrogen to force the oxygen out and prevent oxidation- however once the bag seal is opened, the coffee will be exposed to air again and should be used quickly! On the other hand coffee can also be too fresh. It may sound odd that a coffee can be too fresh, but the roasting process creates carbon dioxide inside the beans which takes several days to slowly escape. This carbon dioxide creates microscopic gas pockets which prevents the brewing water from fully extracting the flavours and this effect is magnified by the high pressure espresso machines apply to the coffee. We recommend for Wholebean... Ideally no more than two weeks and certainly no longer than a month, and dependent on your brew method: For Espresso: From ten days to a month (max) For Filter: from four days to three weeks We recommend for Pre-ground... As soon as possible once open, no longer than two weeks.
Pick wholebean if you have a grinder or a bean to cup machine.
Cafetiere grind for a Cafetiere or French press.
Filter grind for any filter method including V60, Chemez, filter machine, aeropress and stovetop / moka pot or any pour over method.
Espresso grind for an espresso machine only.
Blends are developed by our coffee team by mixing different Single Origin coffees to create a unique and delicious flavour profile that we want to make available either all year round, or for a particular season. Single Origin coffees come from a specific area or region, often a family-owned estate farm or a cooperative of smallholder famers who join forces and transport their crops to a central facility to create a bigger lot. This is an efficient way to facilitate export for smallholders and also maintain quality and flavour consistency from season to season.
In short, yes, every single order is hand-roasted. Hand-roasting represents our craftmanship required to create a perfectly roasted batch of coffee, with delicious aroma and flavour. This differs from industrial roasting systems, which are mostly automated, with little human intervention, built to maximise speed, efficiency and volume. Our artisan roasting uses sensory skills to monitor changes in colour, aroma and the physical appearance of the coffee. Our roastmasters are fully engaged throughout the time of the roast to make critical adjustments depending upon the particular coffee. Our craft roasting creates an accurate roast profile (the rate of change of temperature during roasting) which is the key to consistency of each batch of coffee we roast. From our experience, skilled human intervention is essential for this.

I Have A Question About Your Coffee Bags

Our coffee bags are constructed from paper/aluminium/PET/PE to keep the coffee fresh. It is only recyclable in some boroughs/councils due to the mix of materials that need to be separated to be recycled. While we cannot compromise the freshness of the coffee, we are working on fully recyclable solutions. All our paper materials are FSC and recyclable (including the box around the retail packs, and all leaflets, corrugates and outer packaging).
Unfortunately our packaging has a plastic protective layer to keep the coffee fresh. All our paper materials are FSC and recyclable (including the box around the retail packs, and all leaflets, corrugates and outer packaging), but we don't have 100% plastic free coffee packaging unfortunately at the moment. This is something we are working on.

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