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If you're looking for fresh and unique coffees, welcome. We're on a mission to make coffee better for everyone.

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100% bio-degradable coffee pods

Insurgence Coffee now in a Pod

You can now get your favourite Insurgence coffee in a pod. Compatible with Nespresso® machines.

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When We Say Fresh, We Mean Fresh

All of our coffees are roasted to order, ensuring maximum freshness and a great taste.

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Make Your House a Coffee-house

Feeling motivated to start making great coffee at home? Our handy guides give you all the tips you need for storing, preparing and brewing great coffee.

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Roasted in the UK

All our coffee is proudly roasted in the United Kingdom.

Guaranteed Freshness

We only roast to order, meaning you get fresh coffee every time.

Coffee Your Way

Wholebean, or ground, we deliver your coffee to suit you and your brewing method.

Fast Shipping

From roasting to shipping, we'll have your order on its way within 24hrs of ordering.

Our Speciality Grade Blends

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Signature Blends

Revolution Blend

A big full bodied espresso with a naturally sweet caramel flavour. Our Revolution Blend is balanced and with a muted acidity.

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Overthrow Blend

Rich body, roasted so it is close to the 'roasty' flavour without being burnt. If you like strong coffee then you will probably really like this.

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Featured Coffees

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Excellent quality and freshness you can taste.

After roasting, coffee starts to lose its special flavours and aromas, which make up the delicious taste of your brew. So, buying fresh coffee is one of the best ways to enhance the flavour of your coffee at home.

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Latest Reviews

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Smooth smooth smooth...

has purchased a Retreat Swiss Water Decaff

An absolutely pleasure to drink. Very smooth.

John Callaghan

Smells fresh as a daisy (if a daisy smelt like coffee)

has purchased a Revolution Blend

I bought wholebean bag of revolution blend. Lovely brew and leaves a wonderful coffee smell in the room.

Annie A

Beautifully smooth...

has purchased a Kukicha karigane green tea

Very smooth with a hint of caramel. I'm almost halfway through my bag and will ordering again soon. I really hope you do a subscriptions service!

Cara-Louise b

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