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Compostable coffee pods for Nespresso machines. Filled with your favourite Insurgence Coffee Co. blends, delivered straight to your door. Delicious, ethical, and more importantly good for the environment.

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Join the growing movement of people determined to promote change and help save our planet—one coffee pod at a time. Fill your own coffee pods—it's kinder to the planet, will save you money, AND you'll be drinking the very finest coffee. Our 100% environmentally friendly coffee pods are made from a sugar cane by-product using the milled stalks and leaves.


What espresso machines are compatible?

Coffee Pods are suitable for use with domestic drop through Nespresso® machines only, excluding professional machines, 'built in' models and the new Vertuo range. They aren't compatible with Keurig, Tassimo, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza or Nespresso® Professional or Vertuoline systems.

How do I dispose of used pods?

Simply dig them into your garden soil. Covered pods in damp conditions should decompose into fertiliser within a month or so. If you have no facility to bury them in your garden, place used pods into your food waste bin or your general waste bin. Either way, they’ll end up in landfill and decompose into fertiliser within a few weeks.

What grind?

It depends a little on your preference but slightly coarser than espresso is usually great. Select the POD icon when you order your coffee from us.

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