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Retreat - 100% Swiss Water Decaf

Our Retreat Blend decaf beans are from Brazil and have been carefully sourced to ensure the coffee is smooth and consistent throughout the year....
Best Sellers Brazil New Arrivals Single Origins
from £7.50

Fructus - Speciality Blend

A blend of the finest Arabica speciality beans sourced from coffee farms in Brazil, Costa Rica and Indonesia. A sweet and complex blend with...
Blends Brazil Costa Rica Indonesia
from £7.50

Revolution - Signature Blend

A blend of hand picked Brazil, El Salvador and India speciality Arabica beans. Ethically sourced from the finest coffee growers of South America and...
Best Sellers Blends Brazil El Salvador India New Arrivals
from £7.50

Overthrow - Original Blend

A slightly darker roasted version of our Revolution Blend. This is making the coffee stronger, it has a richer body and is roasted so...
Best Sellers Blends Brazil El Salvador India New Arrivals
from £7.50

Blue Mountain - Speciality Blend

A Blue Mountain Blend is often a design by a coffee roaster to emulate the famous Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans. This is our...
Blends Brazil El Salvador New Arrivals
from £7.50

Vulcanus - Speciality Blend

A two bean speciality Arabica blend with beans from Guatemala, grown in the volcanic soils of tropical valleys, and coffees from Cerrado Minas Gerais...
Blends Brazil Guatemala New Arrivals
from £7.50

Brazil - Single Origin

A beautiful coffee from the famous coffee growing region of Cerrado Minas Gerais. Brazil is the largest producer of coffee and sets standards for...
Brazil Single Origins
Single Origin
from £7.50

Brewing Guides

There’s no one size fits all, by the book method. But that’s the magic of it.

From weighing, to grinding, to extracting, every stage of brewing changes the final cup in different ways.

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