Getting started with coffee

Motivated to start making great coffee at home? Great! Over the next few pages, we give you all the top tips you need for preparing, storing and brewing coffee as great as any good coffeehouse.

Choosing your brewing method

Your first decision is what kind of coffee you want to enjoy at home. This can make quite a difference to how much you will need to invest.

the right coffee for you

Roast, Origin, Flavour notes... we all have specific tastes, and every coffee has unique qualities. To fully enjoy fresh home brewed coffee you need to ensure you get the perfect match.

How to store coffee

Fresh air. Coffee’s arch nemesis. Why? Because fresh coffee is hygroscopic. It absorbs everything in its environment – oxygen, moisture, odours.

Choosing your equipment

Grinder. Scales. Hario Kettle. All are non-essentials, but for a fresh, great tasting, well-balanced, and perfectly poured cup, we actually recommend all three.

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Ok, got it

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